Spring Unfolds

STOP FlyyGirl and do me a favor!  Go to your closet and clean it out.  That’s right, get rid of those sweatshirts that have pilled up on you, the boots that won’t make it another winter and of course go through your jewelry and make sure it’s all cute for Spring 22.  Grunge is kinda where it’s at but don’t fret if that’s not your jam because Monochromatic Magic (psstt it’s on our cover page) can be dressed up or down.  Double it for a messy necklace lewk and you will be cooler than cool.  And after you’ve spared your closet of all the winter blah be sure to treat yourself because just like that it’s Spring and we are gonna celebrate all things big and small.  Excuse me while I go grab my favorite Starbucks drink!

Love and flyness,



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