Hit Em Where It HEARTS

One of the most fashionable accessories this Fall is a layered chain affect.  Paparazzi along with the Flyy Girl Tribe can help you with that.  This layered and fiery ruby red heart doubled necklace is simplistic yet eye-catching.  The most fabulous part is you can rock the look for just $10.  

Grab the look today!  Click the link and add 2 to cart: https://flyygt.com/products/hit-em-where-it-hearts-red-1?_pos=23&_sid=b56ab5b98&_ss=r


TIP:  Our necklaces come with a 6 inch extender.  To achieve this look put the top necklace at the first link and the second towards the end of the link.  You can make the look all yours with this feature.  

Go be FLYY! 

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