Do something new in ‘22

Hey girl hey!  You didn’t make it through everything in 2021 to not make a few tweaks here and there.  I’m not big on resolutions but I do think everyone should have a few set goals for the year.  One of mine is to introduce new people to my brand.  Whether that is by getting more interest in my website or adding to my team, more people will know about the Flyy Girl Tribe.  

So get busy Boo and get creative with your ‘22 goals. And since we are focusing on new in ‘22 I have another goal to take myself on a Black Girl Solo Luxury trip!  It’s my major goal for the 1st quarter.  If you have any suggestions send me an email to or drop a comment below. 




PS - Check out the new rose gold necklace, Marrakesh Mystery.  For $5 this fresh NEW look can add some mystery to your jewelry collection. 

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