• Lewks

    One thing about Robin she gonna match that jewelry with her outfit!  And with $5 accessories it can be so easy that you can too.  So peep this… Yel...
  • Spring Unfolds

    And just like that it’s Spring!
  • Big Energy

    It’s Women’s History month and I’m here to celebrate ALL of the fantastic women I know.  Too many to name here but join us for a girl celebration t...
  • VDay outfits

    Besides the candy, flowers and cards the hottest thing on Valentine’s Day is the perfect accented outfit.  I search just for the perfect ‘fit to we...
  • Do something new in ‘22

    Hey girl hey!  You didn’t make it through everything in 2021 to not make a few tweaks here and there.  I’m not big on resolutions but I do think ev...
  • Cold out BUT haute in here!

    That’s right!  When you look out the window, drive the streets or go for a walk you’ll see that in some areas snow has fallen and the temps have dr...
  • Inspiration Station

    I love to inspire, motivate, encourage and influence others to be their best and BADDEST version of themselves.  It only helps that the most amazin...
  • It’s my birthday month….

    October is full of great weather, new fall clothes and the month your favorite Flyy Girl was born.  At the Flyyest age of 51, I couldn’t be more th...
  • It’s the color for me!

    Ladies!!!! Fall is around the corner…..
  • Swimsuit jewelry - yup it’s a thing!

    Swimsuit jewelry
  • Let’s talk about happy!

    Let’s talk about happy!  Click for new BLOG post.
  • Hoops aren’t just for basketball.

    You favorite accessory is easy to find.