Sis you FLYY!

Your Flyy Status has been activated.


There is no one FLYYER than you!

These fabulous $5 pieces can help you elevate your wardrobe for a girls night out to date night with BAE. 

Thunderstruck Sparkle

My FLYY Sis Kim just bought this one! Check her out in the blog.

Nothing announces your Flyy persona like a ring with bling!

Abstract Escapade


With new releases everyday there is a look for you!  Join this fan club of $5 Flyy Girls that rock the cutest outfits with affordable jewelry. 

Suburban Jungle

Robin L. Hunt

Paparazzi consultant, Premier Director and Creative.

Great jewelry, incredible prices, and Robin is a priceless jewel. 

June Evans

Always the right piece for the right time!  The energy is contagious!

Robin Peppers Daniels

Love Love this jewelry.  Must see and share!

Malika Wheeler Cook

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